SAR Incident Synopsis
for December 20, 2022 through January 16, 2023
Sheriff Brooksby,
Below is the SAR Report from December 20, 2022 through January 16, 2023
January 2023 Report
Total calls this report – 7 (1 in 2022) (6 in 2023)
Total Man Hours this report – (48- 2022) (245 – 2023)
2022 End of Year Report
Total SAR Incidents – 119
SAR Incident Man hours – 4883
SAR Training Man Hours – 3116
Total Man Hours for SAR 2022 – 7999
Rescued Subjects
In County Residence – 5 (2022 – 63)
Out of County (Utah) Residence – 4 (2022 – 44)
Out of Utah – 1 (2022 – 56)
International – (2022 – 3)
12/20/2022 @ 1718, Drowning – Colorado City, AZ – Man Hours – 45
SAR responded to assist Colorado City PD on a 25 year old male that went through the
ice trying to save his dog. SAR Dive Team used an underwater drone to locate the victim
150 feet off shore, under 3 inches of ice, in 14 feet of water. The drone battery died so a
Dive Team member went in under the ice and relocated the victim. He pulled the subject
up through an opening and was pulled back through the ice with the assistance of a small
boat. The body was turned over o the Colorado City Marshal’s Office.
01/01/2023 @ 1620, Stranded Motorist – General Steam Rd – Man Hours – 14
SAR responded to assist subjects that were stranded on General Steam Road. The
subject had to hike 2 miles to call for help. A 41 Year old male, 20 year old female and 20
year old male had been there for over 3 hours. SAR went in from the Enterprise
Reservoir area. They located the subjects and brought them out. The vehicle was left off
the roadway.
01/04/2023 @ 2035, Aircraft Crash, New Harmony – Man Hours – 90
Deputies dispatched to locate a missing airplane near New Harmony. Deputies and DPS
were unable to locate the aircraft and shut down the call until Thursday morning. On
Thursday, SAR and Deputies responded to the New Harmony Fire Station. DPS Star 9
located the crash site and began to shuttle SAR and Detectives to the scene. SAR Ground
went in to access the site by ground. The pilot was located in the wreckage. He did not
survive. He was brought out by Star 9 and turned over to WCSO Detectives and the ME.
The family was on site and notified.
01/07/2023 @ 1900, Lost Hikers, Red Cliff’s Recreation Area – Man Hours – 35
SAR responded to a report of lost hikers in the Red Cliff’s Recreation Area. The 41 year
old male and 44 year old female stated they were lost and it was flooding in the area. SAR
members hiked in and located the couple. They got them off the hill and hiked them out.
No EMS was needed.
01/08/2023 @ 1225, Ill Hiker, Padre Trail, Snow Canyon – Man Hours – 48
SAR was called to a 58 year old female that was hiking with a group. The female became
ill and was unable to continue. SAR located her 1.5 mile up the trail. She was placed in a
Stokes Basket and carried of the trail. She refused EMS treatment and was released.

01/11/2023 @ 1730 – Stranded UTV – Toquerville Falls Area – Man Hours – 30
SAR responded to a UTV stuck in the river below Toquerville Falls. Two males in their
70’s attempted to cross the river and became stuck. One male was on oxygen and his
machine quit when the UTV stalled. SAR located the subjects and brought them out to
the IC. The UTV was recovered by an off road service.
01/14/2023 @ 1130 – Injured Hiker – Red Cliff’s Recreation Area – Man Hours – 28
SAR deployed on an injured 44 year old female in the Red Cliff’s Recreation Area. The
female had fallen and hit her head. She was unable to hike out on her own. SAR and
EMS located her. She was treated and carried back to the IC. She was turned over to
Hurricane EMS for further evaluation.


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