SAR Incident Synopsis for April 15th, 2024 through May 21st, 2024

Sheriff Brooksby,

Below is the SAR Report from April 15th, 2024 through May 21st, 2024

May 2024 Report

Total calls this report – 15

Total Man Hours this report – 454

Total SAR Incidents 2024 – 43

Rescued Subjects

In County Residence – 3

Out of County (Utah) Residence – 5

Out of Utah – 10

International – 1 

04/17/2024 @ 1015, Injured Hiker – Hell Hole Canyon, Red Mountain – Man Hours – 56 Search and Rescue responded to a report of an injured hiker. The 57 year old female had a possible broken ankle. SAR and EMS hiked in and assessed the victim. Her ankle was stabilized. A UTV went in and got as close as possible. The victim was placed in a wheeled Stokes and carried back to the UTV. She was brought back to the IC and released to the ambulance for transport.

04/17/2024 @ 1440, Injured Mountain Biker, Gooseberry Mesa – Man Hours – 20 SAR responded to an injured 54 year old male. The male was Mountain Biking and had crashed. He was in a boulder field which made access difficult. Due to the possible serious injuries, the DPS Helicopter was called to assist in the rescue. They located the victim, hoisted him up and flew him back to the IC. The male was placed in an ambulance and taken to SGRH.

04/18/2024 @ 0045, Injured Hiker, The Subway, Zion – Man Hours – 14 SAR responded to a hiker that fell and broke her arm at the south end of the Subway. The 23 year old female stated she was alone and needed help. SAR got to the Left Fork Trail and found the female had been hiked out by one of her friends. She was taken to SGRH by personal vehicle.

04/20/2024 @ 1320, UTV Accident – Sand Mountain – Man Hours – 24 SAR responded to a report of a male involved in a side by side rollover on Sand Mountain. A bystander began transporting the male to the ambulance waiting at the staging area. Search and rescue units intercepted the transport and escorted the male to the ambulance that was waiting at the staging area. All SAR units were accounted for and cleared.

04/23/2024 @ 1510, Rolled Vehicle – Toquerville Falls – Man Hours – 26 SAR responded to a rolled vehicle up Toquerville Falls. A 31 year old female had minor scraps and bruises. She claimed another vehicle came by and she got too close to the edge. She was checked by EMS and refused transport. Her vehicle was recovered and she left with the wrecker.

04/25/2025 @ 1530, UTV Accident – Sand Mountain – Man Hours – 30 SAR responded to Sand Mountain on a report of a side by side rollover. The 32 year old male patient reported a hand injury. IC was established at the Water Tanks. SAR personnel responded to the patient location. The patient was loaded in a side by side and returned to the IC where he was evaluated in the ambulance and transported to the hospital. All SAR units were accounted for and cleared the scene.

04/26/2025 @ 1640, Lost Hikers – Babylon Arch – Man Hours – 24 SAR responded to a lost hiker in the Babylon area. SAR members hiked in to locate the lost 48 year old female. SAR located the individual and transported her to the trail head. No injuries were reported and all SAR members were accounted for.

04/29/2024 @ 1600, UTV Accident – Sand Mountain – Man Hours – 32 SAR responded to a 4Wheeler accident on Sand Mountain. The report showed a 40 year old male that crashed and hit his head. Life Flight was requested due to the nature of the injuries. SAR assisted with assessing male and loading him into the helicopter. Male was transported to the hospital by Life Flight for treatment.

04/30/2024 @ 1243, Ill Mountain Biker – Bear-Claw Poppy Trail – Man Hours – 28 SAR responded to a heat related emergency involving a 69 year old male mountain biker on Bear Claw Poppy Trail. IC was established at the Lower Bear Claw Poppy Trail head. SAR units responded to the GPS coordinates retrieved from the patients phone. SAR units located the patient and evaluated him medically. He was then loaded in a Jeep and transported back to IC where he was evaluated in an ambulance. He declined medical transport. All SAR units were accounted for and cleared the scene.

05/04/2024 @ 1255, Stranded Tubers – Virgin River, Virgin Area – Man Hours – 12 SAR responded to two females that fell off their tubes. They stated they were stranded in the river holding onto a tree. One of them was having a hard time holding on. While SAR was en route, some other people tubing pulled the victims from the water. A SAR Deputy canceled the call, but continued to the scene to make sure everyone was out and safe.

05/04/2024 @ 1423, Drowning – Sand Hollow Reservoir – Man Hours – 42 SAR responded to a report of an 18 year old male that went underwater between the shore and the island. A surface search was underway by Utah State Parks. SAR Public Safety Divers arrived and launched an underwater drone. Three divers were sent in to located the subject. He was found at 1602 hours. An underwater investigation was done and the subject was recovered. Utah State Parks took the death investigation. All SAR were accounted for and cleared.

05/12/2024 @ 1444, Overdue Hikers – Water Canyon – Man Hours – 14 SAR responded to a 26 year old female that got separated from her group and was overdue. As SAR was arriving, the female was located. The incident was closed out and SAR released.

05/13/2024 @ 1536, Stranded Hiker – Cedar Pockets – Man Hours – 32 SAR responded to a 68 year old female that was stranded on a hillside in Cedar Pockets. EMS was giving her medical treatment and keeping her shaded while SAR was en route. SAR members arrived, set up a dual rope system, and sent down a Stokes. The subject was placed in the Stokes and raised up to the top. She was taken by EMS to SGRH for treatment.

05/13/2024 @ 1943, Lost Hikers – Eagle Crags – Man Hours – 64 SAR responded to two lost hikers on Eagle Crags. The 60 year old male and 51 year old female were off trail and not prepared to spent the night. DPS Star 8 was called to assist in locating and rescuing the subjects. SAR members had obtained a general location of the subjects. Star 8 flew in and located them. They both were hoisted into the helicopter and flown back to the IC. They were checked by SAR EMS and released.

05/17/2025 @ 1907, Overdue Tubers – Virgin River, Washington – Man Hours – 36 SAR responded to Sullivan Soccer Park on a report of a 58 year old male and a 20 year old female who had gone missing while tubing down the Virgin River. The subjects were located still floating down the river near Confluence Park in St. George and were determined to be fine. All SAR members were accounted for and cleared.


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