Each year,  the Washington County Utah Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue (SAR)  responds to more than 150 often life-threatening emergency situations throughout the county, free of charge.  The SAR team consists of specialized outdoor emergency rescue teams helping citizens and visitors in distress on land, in the water, or out in the back country.  Not only can they provide medical and ground rescue efforts, but also high-angle, swift-water, and dive rescues. In addition, these volunteers spend hundreds of hours each year training for these dangerous assignments.  SAR depends heavily on donations for everything they need to help those in distress.  Much of the funds for the specialized machinery, equipment, training, supplies, and maintenance comes from generous private donations.   For those wishing to support the operations of the Washington County Utah Sheriff’s Search and Rescue team through a financial donation, please click our payment partners link below. Your donations help to save the lives of people every year.