SAR Incident Synopsis
from November 14th, 2022 through December 19th, 2022
Sheriff Brooksby,
Below is the SAR Report from November 14th, 2022 through December 19th, 2022
December 2022 Report
Total calls this report – 15
Total SAR Incidents 2022 – 118
Total Man Hours this report – 431
Rescued Subjects
In County Residence – 6
Out of County (Utah) Residence – 7
Out of Utah – 8
International –
11/17/2022 @ 0900, Missing Person – Apex Mine Road Area – Man Hours – 20
SAR team members responded to a missing 32 year old male. The male had walked away
from a camp the night before. Deputies had searched for him. SAR was called out the
following morning. They located the male on Navajo Road. He was cold, but refused
medical care. He was taken to his residence in Ivins and released.
11/17/2022 @ 1818, Stranded Hikers – Is. in the Sky, Snow Canyon – Man Hours – 68
SAR responded to 3 hikers stranded on Island in the Sky in Snow Canyon. SAR hiked up
and located them. They were cold, but in good health. SAR hiked them off the cliffs back
to the IC. They refused medical and were released.
11/19/2022 @ 1000, Injured Hiker – Snow Canyon State Park – Man Hours – 26
SAR was dispatched to a 52 year old female that injured her ankle while hiking. SAR and
EMS located her. They put her in a wheeled Stoked and carried her back to the
ambulance. She was released to EMS for treatment.
11/19/2022 @ 1730, Jeep Rollover – Sand Mountain – Man Hours – 28
SAR and EMS responded to a Jeep that rolled over on Sand Mountain. A 44 year old
male had possible serious head and back injuries. Mercy Air was called to respond. The
subject was treated and stabilized on scene. He was loaded into the helicopter and taken
to St George Regional Hospital for treatment.
11/20/2022 @ 1924, Overdue Hiker – Butterfly Trail, Snow Canyon – Man Hours – 24
SAR responded to a report of an overdue hikers. It was reported the 47 year old female
had some mental impairment. SAR located her on the trail. She had started a fire to
keep warm. She was brought back to the IC and checked by EMS. She was released to
her parents.
11/21/2022 @ 1400, Stranded Motorcyclist, NW of Gunlock – Man Hours – 0
Back County Deputies responded to a 52 year old male that was stranded off a hill
northwest of Gunlock. The male had slid off the dirt road. He was located and assisted
back to the patrol vehicles. His motorcycle was recovered and he was escorted back to his
vehicle and released. No medical was needed.
11/22/2022 @ 1530, Injured Mountain Biker, Barrel Roll Trail – Man Hours – 18
SAR responded to a report of a 44 year old male Mountain Biker that crashed and was
injured. Deputies and SAR went out to locate him. He had a deep thigh cut and we were
informed a tourniquet was applied. He apparently got back on his bike and was refusing
medical help. He was located by deputies and he still refused assistance. He was aware
and oriented so no medical was provided.
12/01/2022 @ 0815, Abandoned Vehicle, West of Enterprise – Man Hours – 56
Deputies responded to an abandoned vehicle that was in the trees. Upon further
investigation, it was determined to call out SAR to try and locate the driver. SAR
deployed and started searching the area. A SAR member located a 56 year old male that
was deceased. Detectives were called out. SAR assisted in recovering the subject.
12/04/2022 @ 1212, Para glider Crash, North of Washington – Man Hours – 45
SAR responded to a 30 year old male that crashed a Para glider. Life Flight and Star 9
both responded. SAR assisted Star 9 in hoisting the male. He was taken to Life Flight
and flown to SGRH for treatment.
12/05/2022 @ 0811, Injured Hiker, Red Mountain – Man Hours – 52
SAR responded to a 72 year old female that fell 20-30 feet while hiking the Red Mountain.
Life Flight was called and they let their medical team off on the mountain side. Star 9
responded and hoisted the injured female off the mountain. They landed and we
transferred the female to Life Flight. She was taken to SGRH for treatment.
12/09/2022 @ 1523, Motorcycle Crash, Dino Tracks Area – Man Hours – 30
SAR and EMS responded to a 45 year old female that crashed on a motorcycle and then
fell 20 feet of a ledge. SAR and EMS went up the back side of Sand Mountain to access
her. She was stabilized by EMS and brought off the mountain. She was taken to SGRH
for treatment.
12/09/2022 @ 1812, Stranded UTV Rider, North of the LaVerkin Range – Man Hours – 6
Dispatch advised of two stranded UTV Riders north of the LaVerkin Gun Range. They
were located 2 miles in and brought out on a SAR UTV. They were cold and said they
would get their machine the following day. They were released.
12/11/2022 @ 1200, Injured Hiker, Yant Flat Trail – Man Hours – 18
SAR responded to a 55 year old male that fell while hiking on the Yant Flat Trail. The
other hikers in the group stated he may have hit his head and they were keeping him
laying down. As SAR arrived at the trail head, they were informed the male was hiking
out. He refused EMS and was released.
12/11/2022 @ 1630, Missing Hiker, Pine Valley – Man Hours – 10
SAR responded to a missing 66 year old male. He had been looking for a Christmas Tree
to cut down. He had walked away from his party and they were unable to locate him. As
SAR was arriving on scene, he came walking back in to the group he was with. The rest
of SAR was canceled.
12/17/2022 @ 1750, Stranded Motorists, Danish Ranch Road – Man Hours – 30
SAR responded to five people stranded on the Danish Ranch Road. Their vehicle had slid
off the road and wad stack. They didn’t have any supplies and ask for help. SAR located
them. They got them warm and escorted them back to Leeds. They were released.


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