SAR Incident Synopsis
for October 17th, 2022 through November 14th, 2022
Sheriff Brooksby,
Below is the SAR Report from October 17th, 2022 through November 14th, 2022
November 2022 Report
Total calls this report – 5
Total SAR Incidents 2022 – 103
Total Man Hours this report – 134
Rescued Subjects
In County Residence – 2
Out of County (Utah) Residence – 3
Out of Utah –
International –

10/22/2022 @ 1700, Overdue Hiker – Red Cliff’s Recreation Area – Man Hours – 28
SAR team members responded to Red Cliffs Campground on a report of a 42 year old
female hiker who was overdue returning from her hike. The female was located on the
trail and made it safely back to camp.
10/23/2022 @ 1300, Fall – Sand Mountain – Man Hours – 26
Search and Rescue team members responded to a report of a 13 year old female climber
who had fallen and had a possible head injury. When SAR units arrived, it was
determined that the juvenile was already on her way back to incident command. She was
loaded on the ambulance by Hurricane Medical staff. All SAR members were accounted
for and cleared the scene.
11/08/2022 @ 0930, Ledged Hiker – West Cinder Knoll Trail – Man Hours – 36
Search and Rescue was dispatched to assist a male and his dog stuck on the edge of a cliff.
Search and Rescue personnel were able to get the man off the ledge and back to safety.
The male was checked by EMS and released.
11/13/2022 @ 1000, Injured Biker – Chuckawalla Train – Man Hours – 24
SAR responded to a 40 year old female injured on the Chuckawalla Trail. I arrived and
set up incident command for Search and Rescue. SAR members arrived and assisted St
George Fire with transporting the injured person to the waiting ambulance.
11/13/2022 @ 1400, Injured Hiker – Quail Ridge Dr, Washington City – Man Hours – 20
SAR responded to a 21 year old male that fell off a cliff and was injured. SAR hiked in
and assisted Washington City in getting the subject out and to an ambulance.


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