SAR Incident Synopsis
for January 16th, 2023 through February 20th, 2023
Sheriff Brooksby,
Below is the SAR Report from January 16th, 2023 through February 20th, 2023
February 2023 Report
Total calls this report – 20
Total SAR calls 2023 – 26
Total Man Hours this report – 596
Rescued Subjects
In County Residence – 16
Out of County (Utah) Residence – 5
Out of Utah – 6
International – 1
01/19/2023 @ 1135, Stranded Motorist – Danish Ranch Rd – Man Hours – 15
SAR responded to assist a subject stuck on Danish Ranch Road. They located the male in
his 30’s and assisted getting his vehicle turned around. SAR escorted him out to Leeds.
He was released.
01/20/2023 @ 1315, Mountain Bike Crash, Chuckawalla Trail – Man Hours – 25
SAR responded with St. George Fire to an injured mountain biker on the trail near
Turtle Wall. St. George Fire, Gold Cross, and Search and Rescue were able to stabilize the
injury and drive the patient out on the side by side back to the ambulance. There were no
01/21/2023 @ 1600, Vehicle Crash, Sand Mountain – Man Hours – 22
SAR responded to an Automatic Crash Signal on Sand Mountain. They located and Ford
Bronco that had rolled near the bowl. The male driver and female passenger denied any
medical treatment. The incident was turned over to Utah State Parks for the accident
01/21/2023 @ 1643, Stranded Motorcycle Riders, Toquerville Falls – Man Hours – 24
Search and Rescue responded on a report of two dirt bikers who were stuck near a river
near Toquerville Falls. Both riders were given a ride out by Search and Rescue members.
The dirt bikes were left for the owners to get them another day. There were no issues.
01/26/2023 @ 1415, Lost Motorist, Utah Hill Apex – Man Hours – 4
SAR deputies responded to a lost motorist. The 73 year old male is a diabetic and had no
food or medications. He was located in his Jeep and led back to Old Highway 91. He
denied EMS and was released.
02/04/2020 @ 0800, Stranded Persons, Smith Mesa – Man Hours – 32
SAR and Deputies responded to a 67 year old female and her 41 year old son living on
Smith Mesa. The female said they were out of supplies and she wanted help getting off
the mountain. SAR and deputies drove in on tracked UTV’s. They located the subjects at
their cabin. The female was ready to leave. Her son decided to stay at the cabin. They
drover her off the mesa and took her to her nephew. He took custody of her. No EMS was
02/04/2023 @ 1000, Motorcycle Crash, Warner Valley Area – Man Hours – 75
SAR responded to a report of a 41 year old male rider of a dirt bike that was traveling
northbound on top of a very rocky plateau near the edge of a cliff. While attempting to
navigate a very limited and narrow path next to edge of the cliff the rider lost balance and
fell approximately 80 to 100 foot off a ledge. The male was severely injured. He was
medically stabilized on scene by EMS. He was flown to St George Regional Hospital for
further treatment.
02/05/2023 @ 1330, Ill Hiker, Yant Flat – Man Hours – 36
SAR responded to a 64 year old male that was having chest pains while hiking. SAR units
hiked in. Life Flight and Star 9 also responded. The male was located and treated by Life
Flight. SAR carried him to the helicopter and he was flown to SGRH for treatment.
02/05/2023 @ 1400, Stranded Motorist, Hell Hole, Utah Hill – Man Hours – 30
SAR was called to a 44 year old male that went off road on Utah Hill. He was stuck near
Hell Hole. He had his 12 year old disabled daughter with him. SAR located him and
assisted with getting his vehicle out. They were escorted back to Highway 91 and

02/05/2023@ 1920 – Lost Hiker – Red Mountain – Man Hours – 42
SAR and the DPS helicopter Star 9 responded to a stranded 36 year old hiker up Red
Mountain. Search and Rescue was able to get the hiker to Star 9. He was transported
back to the trail head. There were no issues.
02/08/2023 @ 1230 – Ill Hiker – West Canyon, Snow Canyon – Man Hours – 18
SAR responded to a 73 year old male that was feeling ill. He was hiking the West Canyon
in Snow Canyon State Park. SAR arrived on scene and observed the individual sitting in
the back of Santa Clara Ivins ambulance. SAR members advised that medical made
contact and transported the individual to IC before they arrived.
02/10/2023 @ 2000 – Lost Hikers – Padre Canyon – Man Hours – 40
SAR responded to three lost hikers on the Padre Canyon Trail. The 72, 52, and 15 year
old females had gotten off trail. It became dark and they had no supplies and couldn’t
locate the trail. SAR located them in Snow Canyon State Park and escorted them back to
the IC. SAR members took them to their residence and released them.
02/16/2023 @ 1340 – Lost Hiker – Red Mountain Trail, Dammeron – Man Hours – 24
SAR deployed on a lost 63 year old female on the Red Mountain Trail. She was located
off trail in a ravine to the east. SAR members helped her out of the ravine and walked
her back to the IC. She denied medical and was released.
02/18/2023 @ 1550 – Injured Mountain Biker – Bear-Claw Poppy – Man Hours – 46
SAR responded to a 23 year old female that crashed while mountain biking. SAR units
went in and located the female. She had an apparent ankle injury. EMS arrived and
stabilized the subject. SAR brought her back to the IC. She was released to EMS.
02/18/2023 @ 1600 – Ledged Hikers – Red Cliff’s Recreation Area – Man Hours – 42
SAR responded to two hikers that were ledged up in the Red Cliff’s Recreation Area. Te
62 year old male and 64 year old female said they got off trail and found themselves on a
cliff. They were unable to go back and unable to get down. SAR located them and used
ropes to get them down. They were hiked back to the IC and released.
02/18/2023 @ 1730 – Fall – 600 East SR-59, Hurricane – Man Hours – 52
SAR responded to assist Hurricane PD on a 17 year old male that fell 150’ off a cliff. SAR
set up ropes and hiked in the ravine from below. The 17 year old male did not survive.
SAR assisted in carrying the subject back to the roadway.
02/19/2023 @ 0930 – Lost Hiker – North of I-15 Exit 27 – Man Hours – 24
SAR Deputies responded to a call of a 27 year old male that stated his 50 year old brother
was missing while hiking. The subject stated they had done Mushrooms the night before
and then his bother disappeared. DPS Star 9 was called to assist. The 27 year old male
was located by deputies and checked by EMS. Star 9 located the 50 year old brother and
directed the SAR deputies to him. He was checked and refused EMS. Both subjects were
02/19/2023 @ 1747 – Stranded ATV Riders – Sand Mountain – Man Hours – 3
SAR Deputies responded to a Search and Rescue on Sand Mountain. The subject was
contacted. He advised his wife and him were OK and just needed help getting their ATV
out. I contacted an off road wrecker at their request. I responded to the area and it was
determined the off road wrecker would return to the area in the morning and get the
ATV’s. The individuals where given a ride to their campsite.
02/19/2023 @ 1820 – Stranded Hikers, Canaan Mountain – Man Hours – 42
SAR responded to two stranded hikers on Canaan Mountain. Teams started hiking up
Water Canyon. DPS Star 9 also responded. Star 9 located the 25 year old male and
female. They landed, got the subjects, and flew them back down to Hildale. The SAR
teams returned and cleared the scene.


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