SAR Incident Synopsis
for February 20th, 2023 through March 20th, 2023
Sheriff Brooksby,
Below is the SAR Report from February 20th, 2023 through March 20th, 2023
March 2023 Report
Total calls this report – 7
Total SAR calls 2023 – 33
Total Man Hours this report – 422
Rescued Subjects
In County Residence – 3
Out of County (Utah) Residence – 3
Out of Utah – 7
International – 0
03/03/2023 @ 1313, Injured Hiker – Johnson Canyon, Snow Canyon – Man Hours – 44
SAR responded to a 47 year old female that broke her leg while rappelling in Johnson
Canyon. SAR team went in from the top of the canyon. Ivins EMS hiked into the bottom.
Star 9 responded and hoisted the female out. They landed at the IC. The female denied
EMS transport and was released to her husband.
03/06/2023 @ 0515, Stranded Runaway, Molly’s Nipple – Man Hours – 32
SAR responded with Deputies to a ledged up 14 year old male. He has runaway from a
youth group. He got ledged out on Molly’s Nipple. Star 9 spotted the subject and SAR
climbed up to him. They brought him off the mountain and released him to law units on
03/10/2023 @ 1100, Cardiac Arrest, Sand Mountain – Man Hours – 38
SAR responded to a 53 year old male that collapsed on Sand Mountain. SAR started life
saving interventions. Hurricane EMS and Life Flight responded. EMS worked on the
subject for almost and hour. He did not survive. He was turned over to detectives and
the Medical Examiners Office for investigations.
03/10/2023 @ 1830, Stranded Hikers, Is. In the Sky, Snow Canyon – Man Hours – 80
SAR responded to a 22 year old male and female that were hiking Island in the SKY.
They became stranded after dark in were in a heavy rain storm. SAR hiked up the
mountain and located the subjects. They had to take their time hiking them off due to
heavy rains and a rock slide that had blocked their normal path. All subjects were
checked by EMS and released.
03/12/2023 @ 2130, Overdue Motorcyclist, Warner Valley – Man Hours – 146
SAR responded to an overdue 43 year old male riding a motorcycle. Star 9 located the
subject’s vehicle near the water tanks. SAR searched Long Valley and Warner Valley
until 0330 hours. SAR was re-paged out at 0700 hours. They began to search areas that
were missed the night prior. Star 9 went down by the cliffs on the south side of Sand
Mountain. The male was found in a slot canyon in the cliffs. SAR responded to the
location. Star 9 flew 2 SAR EMS members in. Life Flight was called to respond. They
landed and were able to send in their EMS personnel. Star 9 hoisted the male out and
turned him over to Life Flight. SAR retrieved his motorcycle and returned it to his
03/15/2023 @ 1620, Flood-Stranded Persons, Snow Canyon – Man Hours – 54
SAR and Deputies responded to six people stranded in a flash flood near Johnson Canyon
in Snow Canyon State Park. SAR scouted the area and crossed three members to set up a
High Line. The people were cold and shivering. When the High Line was set, SAR
members carried the mother, 2, 4, 6 year old above the water to the opposite shore. The
local male was brought across, then the father of the family. Santa Clara EMS arrived
with blankets to keep the subjects warm. We assisted them back to the trail head and got
them warmed up. No other medical was needed so they were released.
03/18/2023 @ 1515, Motorcycle Crash, Sand Mountain – Man Hours – 28
SAR responded to a report of a 47 year old male rider of a dirt bike that crashed on Sand
Mountain. The male was saying his back was injured. Hurricane EMS, Utah State Park
Rangers, and SAR located the male. He was stabilized and placed on a back board. SAR
brought him off the mountain in a UTV. He was turned over to Hurricane EMS for


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