SAR Incident Synopsis
for March 20th, 2023 through April 17th, 2023
Sheriff Brooksby,
Below is the SAR Report from March 20th, 2023 through April 17th, 2023
April 2023 Report
Total calls this report – 9
Total SAR calls 2023 – 42
Total Man Hours this report – 270
Rescued Subjects
In County Residence – 6
Out of County (Utah) Residence – 1
Out of Utah – 6
International – 0
03/27/2023 @ 1255, Mountain Bike Accident, Bear-Claw Poppy – Man Hours – 40
SAR was dispatched with St. George Fire and Life Flight for a 15 year old female who fell
off her bike and hit her head. This occurred near the Bear Claw Poppy Trail, west of St.
George. Search and Rescue and St. George Fire personnel helped load the patient into the
Life Flight helicopter where she was then transported to the St. George Regional
03/28/2023 @ 1400, Mountain Bike Accident, Bear-Claw Poppy – Man Hours – 32
SAR and St. George Fire responded to an injured 57 year old female mountain biker off
the Bear Claw Poppy trail. SAR and fire were able to get the patient into a vehicle and
transport her back to her vehicle at the trail head. The patient refused medical treatment
from fire and SAR personnel. There were no issues.
04/04/2023 @ 1218, ATV Rollover – Sand Mountain – Man Hours – 26
SAR responded to a reported ATV rollover on Sand Mountain. SAR units and medical
personnel located the 41 year old patient, evaluated him, and loaded him in a side by side.
He was then taken to Incident Command and transported in the ambulance to the
04/08/2023 @ 0306, Fall, SR-59 Hurricane – Man Hours – 48
SAR responded to assist Hurricane PD on an 18 year old male that fell approximately 150
feet. The subject did not survive. SAR teams hiked in to the scene. They carried the
subject back to the IC. He was turned over to the M.E.
04/08/2023 @ 1519, Fall, Lava Tubes, Snow Canyon – Man Hours – 34
SAR responded to the Lava Tubes in Snow Canyon State Park on a report of a 43 year old
female who had fallen and had a possible head injury. Incident Command was established
at the Lava Tubes Parking Lot. SAR personnel, in conjunction with medical personnel,
located the female and stabilized her. Team members safely removed the female from the
lava tubes and carried her to the Life Flight helicopter. She was then transported to the
SGRH by Life Flight. All SAR members were accounted for and cleared the scene
04/15/2023 @ 1410, Fall, Island in the Sky – Man Hours – 54
SAR, DPS helicopter Star 9, Intermountain helicopter Life Flight, and Santa Clara/Ivins
Fire Department responded to the Snow Canyon State Park on a report of a 20 year old
female who fell and sustained possible injuries while hiking. With the use of Star 9, we
were able to hoist the female off Island in the Sky, and bring her down to incident
command. The patient was loaded into an ambulance from Star 9 and taken to the
hospital. Star 9 was able to bring Search and Rescue, equipment, and Fire personnel
down from the cliffs to incident command.
04/15/2023 @ 1840, Stranded Swimmers, Virgin River, Hurricane – Man Hours – 2
SAR Deputies responded, at the request of Hurricane City Police, to assist with a father
and son who were stranded on the side of the Virgin River. The deputy drove and hiked
in with Hurricane Police and located the pair. They were escorted to our vehicles and
taken back to the rest of their family. There were no issues.
04/16/2023 @ 1358, Stranded Boaters, Virgin River, St George – Man Hours – 18
SAR and St. George PD responded to a report of a father and his two sons being stuck on
their raft in the Virgin River underneath the I 15 bridge around mile 5. As Deputies, St.
George PD, and SAR members were arriving, the 57 year old father was able to rescue his
two 10 year old sons and himself safely to shore. They were given a ride back to their
family waiting at incident command. There were no issues and no other outstanding
04/16/2023 @ 1920, Stranded Kids, Mall & Dino Crossing, St George – Man Hours – 16
SAR, St George PD and St George Fire responded to two kids stuck on debris in the
Virgin River. Several subjects were attempting to rescue them. Fire and SAR assisted in
getting the kids back to shore. They were release to their parents.


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