SAR Incident Synopsis
for April 18th, 2022 through May 16th, 2022
Sheriff Brooksby,
Below is the SAR Report from April, 18th, 2022 through May 16th, 2022
May 2022 Report
Total calls this report – 8
Total SAR Incidents 2022 – 42
Total Man Hours this report – 243 (Plus 690 hours for Ironman)
Rescued Subjects
In County Residence – 3
Out of County (Utah) Residence – 2
Out of Utah – 3
International – 0

04/20/2022 @ 1000, Injured Biker – Bear-Claw Poppy – Man Hours – 24
SAR responded to a report of a bicycle accident resulting in an injury on the Bear Claw
Poppy trail. Life Flight and SAR were called out to the scene. SAR was told CPR was in
progress on an 80 year old male. The patient was transported to St. George Regional
Hospital by Life Flight.

04/21/2022 @ 0900, Missing Person – Colorado City – Man Hours – 35
SAR responded to assist Colorado City Marshal’s Office on a Missing 46 year old male.
SAR deployed man tracking teams from the subject’s vehicle, and Water Search Teams in
the reservoir. SAR searched for several hours without locating the subject. We were
notified the subject was found deceased the following day.

04/25/2022 @ 2015, Injured Hiker – Lava Tube Trail, Snow Canyon – Man Hours – 34
Search and Rescue members responded to a report of a female hiker that injured her leg.
The subject was located and treated by Ivins EMS. SAR carried her back to the trail
head. She refused transport by ambulance.

04/26/2022 @ 1200, Missing Person – Apex Road Area – Man Hours – 4
SAR was dispatched to assist WCSO Deputies on a missing person. The subject’s vehicle
was located on the side of the roadway. Deputies located the subject 1000’ feet away in a
ravine. The person was deceased. SAR assisted in getting personnel in and getting the
subject back to the main road.

04/27/2022 @ 1800, Injured Mountain Biker – LaVerkin Twist – Man Hours – 28
SAR responded to a report of a traumatic injury just outside of the LaVerkin area. SAR
members located and assisted with a female with a broken ankle. The female was
transported by medical to the hospital.

05/05/2022 @ 1200, Injured Climber – Johnson Canyon, Snow Canyon – Man Hours – 42
SAR responded to a 80 year old male that fell approximately30 feet while rappelling.
SAR hiked in from above the canyon and rappelled down to the subject. He was carried
by SAR several hundred yards up a hill. He was placed in Life Flight and taken to SGRH
for treatment.

05/08/2022 @ 1830, Stranded Climber, Yankee Doodle Canyon – Man Hours – 54
SAR responded to a report of a stranded female in Yankee Doodle Canyon. The 20 year
old female set off her SPOT device and said she was stranded on a cliff. SAR located her
and rappelled down to her. They raised her back up the cliff. She refused medical and
was released.

05/14/2022 @ 1300 – UTV Crash – Sand Mountain – Man Hours – 22
SAR responded to a UTV crash on Sand Mountain. Dispatch advised the 45 year old
male had severe bleeding and a compound fracture on his arm. Life Flight was launched
to respond. As SAR was arriving on scene, Life Flight advised they had the male and
were taking off for SGRH. SAR assisted deputies in getting the information for their
accident report.

Note: On May 7th, 34 members of SAR assisted with Water Safety on the 2021 World
Champion Ironman event. They pulled 46 participants from the swim. They provided
690 Man Hours for the event.


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