Sheriff Brooksby,
Below is the SAR Report from May 16th, 2022 through June 20th, 2022
June 2022 Report
Total calls this report – 21
Total SAR Incidents 2022 – 63
Total Man Hours this report – 841
Rescued Subjects
In County Residence – 7
Out of County (Utah) Residence – 13
Out of Utah – 10
International –

05/16/2022 @ 1210, Ill Hiker – Sheep Bridge Trail – Man Hours – 18
SAR responded to the sheep bridge trail area on a report of a mountain biker who
became sick and couldn’t continue. SAR units responded with Hurricane EMS. The
female was located, treated, and carried back to the ambulance. She was checked by EMS
and released.

05/17/2022 @ 2015, Overdue Kayakers – Virgin Falls Park – Man Hours – 32
SAR members responded to Virgin Falls Park to assist with locating three juvenile
Kayakers that hadn’t shown up at the park where they were supposed to be picked up. A
search of the Virgin River was conducted. The three juveniles were located and returned
to their guardian. All SAR members were accounted for and cleared the scene.

05/20/2022 @ 1900, Mountain Bike Crash – Gem Trail – Man Hours – 36
SAR team members responded to assist with a traumatic bike accident. The 72 year old
male was in Cardiac Arrest on the Gem Trail. Members retrieved medical supplies and
assisted with CPR and loading the individual onto a backboard and into the helicopter.
All SAR members were accounted for and cleared the scene.

05/21/2022 @ 0330, Missing Hiker – Gooseberry Mesa – Man Hours – 16
SAR responded to a missing female that was at a trail run event on Gooseberry Mesa.
SAR deployed to the area she was last seen. She was yelling and was located. She said
she got off trail in the dark and couldn’t find her was back. She was released to the event

05/21/2022 @ 0600, Water Safety – Sand Hollow Triathlon – Man Hours – 48
SAR provided the Water Safety for the Sand Hollow Triathlon. 522 people were
participating. SAR rescued 8 swimmers from the water. They were checked by
Hurricane EMS and released.

05/27/2022 @ 1950, Entrapment Rappelling – Dixie Rock – Man Hours – 14
Search and Rescue was dispatched to assist with getting a female down who got her hair
stuck in a rig while repelling. As Search and Rescue arrived on scene, St. George Fire was
able to use a ladder to get the female down. The female was checked by EMS and

05/29/2022 @ 1840, Injured Climber – South Hills, Santa Clara – Man Hours – 33
Search and Rescue was deployed to assisted with extracting a fall victim who sustained
injuries while climbing. Search and Rescue members were able to assist with getting the
patient to the Life Flight Helicopter where he was flown to the hospital. There were no

05/30/2022 @ 1300, Lost Hiker – Red Mountain Trail – Man Hours – 24
SAR responded to a report of a missing 13 year old hiker on the Red Mountain Trail.
SAR members arrived and deployed to find the hiker. They located the hiker and
brought back to the IC. He was released to his family.

06/01/2022 @ 2030, UTV Accident – Sand Mountain – Man Hours – 28
Search and Rescue was deployed to an ATV rollover in the Sand Hollow Recreation area.
A 35 year old female was ejected. Life Flight was called and was able to transport the
patient to the hospital. Utah State Parks took the accident report. There were no issues

06/05/2022 @ 1300, Injured Hiker – Dalton Wash – Man Hours – 18
SAR responded to a 64 year old male hiker that fell and broke his leg. SAR and EMS
deployed hiking in to the reported GPS. Mercy Air was requested to respond. Mercy Air
made contact with the subject. SAR arrive as Mercy Air was taking off. The male was
flown to SGRH for treatment.

06/05/2022 @ 1915, Overdue Hiker – Toquerville Falls – Man Hours – 36
SAR responded to locate a missing 49 year old male hiker. The male had been hiking for
3 days and failed to return. There was an active fire in the area and the subject’s wife was
worried. SAR teams deployed and located the male. He was in good condition and
turned over to his family.

06/06/2022 @ 1400, UTV Accident – Sand Mountain – Man Hours – 6
SAR responded to a UTV Accident on Sand Mountain. They took EMS into the scene.
The subject was flown out on Life Flight. SAR assisted with getting the subject to the
helicopter. Utah State Parks took the accident.

06/07/2022 @ 1315, Ill Hiker – Red Mountain – Man Hours – 27
Search and Rescue was deployed to assist with a male complaining of heat exposure on
the Red Mountain Trail in Dammeron Valley. With the assistance of Fire, medical, and
Search and Rescue personnel the male was able to walk back down the trail to be
evaluated by Gold Cross. He refused transport and was released.

06/09/2022 @ 0905 – Mountain Bike Crash – Clavicle Hill, Bear-Claw – Man Hours – 22
SAR responded to the clavicle hill area of the bear claw poppy trail on a report of an
injured mountain biker. SAR teams arrived and were able to get the male and bring him
back to IC. The male declined medical treatment

06/11/2022 @ 1345 – Stranded Motorist – Babylon – Man Hours – 4
SAR responded to a stranded motorist in the Babylon area. The female driver had been
looking for the Babylon Arch Trail and got her vehicle high centered. She was out of
water and said she was very hot. SAR located her and gave her water. They assisted
getting her vehicle out of the wash and back to the roadway. No EMS was needed.

06/11/2022 @ 1545 – Drowning – New Castle Reservoir – Man Hours – 68
SAR was requested by Iron County Sheriff’s Office to respond to a drowning in New
Castle Reservoir. A 14 year old male fell off a Kayak and hadn’t surfaced. A search
began with Sonar and divers. The Utah DPS Dive team arrived at 0030 hours. SAR
assisted them in located the subject. He was recovered at 0440 hours. We were released
at 0530.

06/16/2022 @ 1630 – Motorcycle Accident – East of Brookside – Man Hours – 28
SAR responded to a motorcycle crash east of Brookside. The 47 year old male stated he
had possibly broken his collarbone. SAR and deputies located the subject. He was
stabilized and taken by SAR to the waiting ambulance. He was transported to SGRH for

06/16/2022 @ 1700 – Injured Hiker – Deep Creek & North Fork, Zion – Man Hours – 72
SAR was requested to assist on a hiker with a broken ankle in Zion NP. The male broke
his ankle and had been there for three days. SAR met up Kane County Sheriff SAR and
they hiked in. The State DPS Helicopter was also requested. The male was hoisted out
and flown to the Incident Command.

06/17/2022 @ 0930 – Injured Hiker – Water Canyon – Man Hours – 45
SAR responded to a 50 year old male that broke his ankle while hiking in Water Canyon.
SAR teams hiked in with a wheeled Stokes. They located the subject and EMS stabilized
his ankle. SAR carried the male back out to the IC. He was taken by ambulance to

06/17/2022 @ 2120 – Stranded Hikers – Red Cliff’s Recreation Area – Man Hours – 56
SAR responded to two stranded hikers in the Red Cliff’s Recreation area. The hikers got
off trail and found themselves ledged out in the cliffs. SAR teams deployed and located
them. They raised them up a 150’ cliff and hiked them back to the IC. No EMS was

06/18/2022 @ 1720 – Injured Hiker – Anderson Canyon, Pine Valley – Man Hours – 210
SAR responded to an injured hiker on Pine Valley Mountain. The male in his 30’s stated
he injured his leg and back and was unable to move. SAR requested Life Flight for
assistance. A hiking team, Motorized Team, and an Equestrian team all deployed in from
multiple trails. Life Flight advised they could see the male, but due to high winds and the
rough terrain, they were not able to land. The Utah DPS helicopter was requested, but it
would not arrive until day light. Five SAR members made it to the subject around 10;40
PM. They stabilized him and spent the night keeping him warm. The DPS helicopter
arrived and hoisted the victim off the mountain. The equestrian and ground teams
arrived back at the Incident Command at 1330 hours. The male was taken by private
vehicle to SGRH for treatment.


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