SAR Incident Synopsis
for March 15th, 2022 through April 18th, 2022
Sheriff Brooksby,
Below is the SAR Report from March 15th, 2022 through April 18th, 2022
April 2022 Report
Total calls this report – 12
Total SAR Incidents 2022 – 34
Total Man Hours this report – 481
Rescued Subjects
In County Residence – 9
Out of County (Utah) Residence – 3
Out of Utah – 14
International – 0

03/16/2022 @ 1840, Lost Hiker – Red Mountain – Man Hours – 95
SAR members responded to the GPS coordinates of the lost female’s phone and began
searching. The female was located approximately 1200 feet off of the trail. Horses were
utilized to rescue the female and return her to Incident Command. She refused medical
evaluation when she arrived at incident command. All search and rescue members were
accounted for and cleared the area.

03/17/2022 @ 1400, Injured Biker – Bear-Claw Poppy – Man Hours – 36
Search and Rescue members responded to a report of a female mountain biker who
crashed on Bear Claw Poppy Trail and possibly broke her clavicle. The female was
located and returned to the trail head where she refused medical transport. All Search
and Rescue members were accounted for and cleared the scene.

03/19/2022 @ 1730, Injured Hiker, Aspiration Trail – Man Hours – 46
SAR was dispatched to an injured female hiker. The 60 year old female had a possible
broken ankle. SAR treated her on scene and carried her back to the IC. She was
transported by Gold Cross to the hospital for further treatment.

03/20/2022 @ 1700, Ill Hiker, Snow Canyon State Park – Man Hours – 12
SAR responded to an elderly female showing signs of a possible Stroke. Ivins EMS and
SAR located the female and brought her back to the IC. She was taken by Ivins EMS for

03/24/2022 @ 1530, Missing ATV Rider, Beaver Dam Wash – Man Hours – 10
SAR responded to a missing elderly female with dementia. The subject went missing
from her group in Beaver Dam Wash. SAR located the female driving south on Old
Highway 91 toward Beaver Dam. She was escorted back to the IC at Lytle Ranch Road
and turned over to her husband. They denied EMS evaluation.

03/25/2022 @ 1340, Motorcycle Accident, Sand Mountain – Man Hours – 16
Search and Rescue members responded to Sand Mountain OHV area on report of a
motorcycle accident involving a male on the sand dunes. Incident Command was
established at the water tanks. Several Search and Rescue members and medical units
responded to the patients listed GPS coordinates and assisted with loading them into a
side by side. The patient was then taken to Sand Hollow State Park where he was
evaluated by an ambulance crew and refused medical transport.

03/26/2022 @ 1347 – Injured Hiker – Canaan Mountain – Man Hours – 104
SAR members responded to a report of a hiker who had a broken ankle on Canaan
Mountain. There were also several hikers who were unable to return the same way they
ascended the mountain. A helicopter was utilized to retrieve the patient with the broken
ankle. Side by sides were utilized to rescue half of the remaining group. The other half
were guided by SAR team members on a hike to Water Canyon Trail head. All involved
parties were safely rescued from the mountain and returned to their homes. The patient
with the broken ankle was transported by helicopter to the hospital

03/27/2022 @ 2000 – Stranded Motorist – Cougar Pass – Man Hours – 18
SAR members responded to a report of a male and female who got stuck in the snow off
Cougar Pass Rd. SAR members located the individuals and were able to assist them with
getting their Jeep out of the snow. They then safely guided them off the mountain. Both
individuals declined medical evaluation.
04/05/2022 @ 1420 – Injured Mtn Biker – Gooseberry Mesa – Man Hours – 42
SAR responded to a report of a 67 y/o female who crashed while riding her mountain bike
on Gooseberry Mesa. She possibly sustained a pelvis injury. SAR teams and medical
personnel responded to her location. The patient was stable but moving her back to IC
would have possible caused more injury. Classic Life Flight was called to respond. Classic
arrived and got Cynthia onboard and left for the hospital.
04/15/2022 @ 2024 – Missing Horse Riders – South of Santa Clara – Man Hours – 32
SAR responded to a group of 3 juveniles lost in the area of Santa Clara. SAR deployed
out and located the children and the horses they had with them. All parties were safely
returned and accounted for. There were no injuries. The juveniles were released to their
04/16/2022 @ 1548 – Injured Mtn Biker – Clavicle Hill – Man Hours – 18
SAR responded to a bicycle accident in the Green Valley Gap area. SAR and medical
were deployed in. The 57 year old male was carried out by SAR and medical personnel.
He was transported to the hospital by Gold Cross ambulance.
04/18/2022 @ 1630 – Ill Hikers – Red Mountain Trail – Man Hours – 52
SAR responded to two hikers on the Red Mountain. One hiker, a female in her 60’s was
showing signs of dehydration. SAR deployed 2 teams. One team hiked up from Ivins.
The second team drove UTV’s in from the trail head in Dammeron Valley. The hikers
were located. SAR EMS treated the female and she was transported back to the IC. She
was turned over to EMS for further evaluation and transport.


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