SAR Incident Synopsis 

for June 22nd, through July 19th, 2021 

Sheriff Pulsipher, 

Below is the SAR Report from June 22nd, 2021 through July 19th, 2021 

 July 2021 Report 

Total calls this report – 15 

Total Man Hours this report – 350 

SAR Incidents 2021 – 92 

Rescued Subjects 

In County Residence – 6 

Out of County Residence – 9 

06/24/2021 @ 2115, Ill Hiker – Butterfly Trail – Man Hours – 16 

SAR dispatched to assist with 60 yo female exhausted and dehydrated, with Red  Mountain tour group in Snow Canyon on Butterfly Trail. SAR assisted ambulance  personnel in getting the patient back to the ambulance. The patient refused transport.  

06/24/2021 @ 2200, Lost Motorist – Beaver Dam Wash – Man Hours – 6 

Deputies and SAR responded to an elderly male lost near the Beaver Dam Wash. The  male stated he had been driving around for several hours, was almost out of gas and  needed help. A Deputy and SAR went out, found the male and escorted him back to St  George. 

06/24/2021 @ 2300, Lost Hikers – Scout Cave Trail – Man Hours – 8 

SAR responded to locate a 50 year old male and 8 year old boy lost near Scout Cave.  SAR teams deployed and located the subjects. They checked the subjects and hiked them  back to the IC

06/25/2021 @ 1600 – Stranded Hiker – Red Mountain/Tuachan – Man Hours – 75 

SAR called to assist with stranded hiker in Snow Canyon, above Tuachan. Teams  deployed from both Tuachan and Snow Canyon. Snow Canyon team able to reach victim.  Helicopter assisted with shuttling Team and victim back to LZ near Tuachan.  

06/29/2021 @ 1430 – Flooding – Springdale – Man Hours – 36 

SAR responded assist Springdale with flooding. SAR searched the flooded area and along the Virgin River to locate anyone in need of assistance. They also assisted with road  closures and traffic issues. 

07/03/2021 @ 1330 – Missing Person – Central – Man Hours – 27 

SAR was dispatched to a missing person call. The 49 year old female had been reported  missing in St George. Deputies located her vehicle just east of Central. They located the  female down a wash. The female was deceased. SAR assisted in the recovery.  

07/05/2021 @ 0815 – Injured Hiker – Green Valley Gap – Man Hours – 12 

SAR responded to a female hiker that injured her ankle in the Green Valley Gap Area.  SAR located her, stabilized the ankle and drove her back to the Incident Command. She  was checked by EMS and released. 

07/05/2021 @ 1530 – Ill Hikers – Snow Canyon – Man Hours – 16 

SAR and Ivins EMS responded to a ill hiker on the 3 Ponds Trail in Snow Canyon. The  21 year old female was showing signs of dehydration. The hiker was located and treated  by EMS. She was brought out by SAR to the IC. She was released by EMS. 

07/05/2021 @ 2145 – Stranded Hiker – Dixie Rock Area – Man Hours – 8 

SAR responded to assist St George Fire on a stranded male hiker on the cliffs behind the  Dixie Rock. The male said he was stuck and could not find his way down. He was located by SGFD. They walked him back to the IC. SAR was released.

07/10/2021 @ 1720 – Ill Hiker – Coal Pits Wash – Man Hours – 42 

SAR responded to a report of a sick female approx. 3 miles up Coal Pits Wash. The 20  year old got ill while hiking. She was unable to hike and was laying under a tree. The 21  year old male had hiked out to call for help, but didn’t know exactly where he left her.  She was located and treated for dehydration. She was hiked to a SAR ATV and driven  back to the IC. She was given further treatment at the ambulance. 

07/11/2021 @ 1200 – Lost Hiker – Vortex, Lower Sand Cove – Man Hours – 20 

SAR responded to a lost male in his 50’s in the Vortex. The male said he was lost and  almost out of water. SAR hiked in and located him on a plateau. They gave him water,  check his condition, and hiked him back to the IC. He was check by EMS and released. 

07/13/2021 @ 2100 – Missing Juvenile – St George – Man Hours – 18 

SAR responded to assist St George PD on a missing special needs 16 year old male. SAR  searched the area where the subject was seen and the nearby Virgin River. After two  hours, SGPD called off the search. The subject was not located by SAR. 

07/15/2021 @ 2230 –Agency Assist – Lund, Iron County – Man Hours – 40 

SAR received a request from the Iron County Sheriff’s Office to send Swift Water  resources to a derailed train in Lund, Utah. The train had been hit by a flash flood.  There were three subjects on the train. SAR met at the Incident Command in Lund.  They assisted where requested and were release at 0330 the following day. 

07/17/2021 @ 0830 – Injured Hiker – Padre Canyon – Man Hours – 10 

SAR and Ivins EMS responded to a injured female hiker in Padre Canyon. The female  fell and injured her arm/shoulder. EMS located her and treated her injuries. She was  carried out by SAR and EMS to the ambulance. She was taken to SGRH for treatment. 

07/17/2021 @ 1115 – Motorcycle Accident – Dino Tracks Warner Valley – Man Hours – 16 

SAR called to assist with motorcycle accident in Warner Valley near Dinosaur Tracks.  Initial location was third party, with no coordinates. Units located the parties on the main road and assisted with medical. 


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