Sheriff Brooksby,
Below is the SAR Report from December 21st, 2021 through January 18th, 2022
January 2022 Report
Total calls this report – (4 in 2021) (4 in 2022)
Total Man Hours this report – 154 (2022 only)
2021 End of Year Report
Total SAR Incidents – 152
SAR Incident Man hours – 3982.5
SAR Training Man Hours – 2834
Total Man Hours for SAR 2020 – 6816.5
Rescued Subjects (Note – Additional Breakdowns started in August 2021)
In County Residence – 3 (2021 – 79)
Out of County (Utah) Residence – 1 (2021 – 85)
Out of Utah – 1 (2021 – 15)
International – 1 (2021 – 1)

12/25/2021 @ 0615, Missing Person – Enterprise – Man Hours – 20
SAR responded to assist Iron County on a missing male out of Enterprise. The male had
been missing for 4 days. His vehicle was located just north of the county line at an old
mine. The parents were putting together a town search for later in the day. SAR
members deployed to the area. They located the subject deceased within 15 minutes. The
investigation was turned over to the Iron County Sheriff’s Office.

12/25/2020 @ 1200, Ill Hikers – Padre Canyon, Snow Canyon – Man Hours – 48
SAR responded to a 75 year old male that went unconscious while hiking. SAR and EMS
hiked over a mile to his location. They attempted to revive him but were unsuccessful.
He was brought out by SAR. Washington County Detectives and the Medical Examiner
took over the investigation.

12/28/2021 @ 1500, Missing Horse Rider, Diamond Valley – Man Hours – 24
SAR was dispatched to a missing horse rider north of Diamond Valley. A horse was
located with a saddle, but no rider. SAR searched the area and located the female rider.
She said the horse ran from her, but she was OK.

12/30/2021 @ 1324, ATV Accident, Long Valley – Man Hours – 8
SAR responded to an ATV accident in Long Valley. A 19 year old female rolled an ATV
and was injured. Life Flight was called. SAR and EMS carried the subject to the
helicopter. She was taken to SGRH for treatment.
01/02/2022 @ 1645, Lost Hiker, Cottonwood Trail – Man Hours – 40
SAR was called to a 13 year old female that went missing from her hiking group. SAR
deployed up the trail to the last seen point and broke into teams to located the child. Life
Flight was contacted to assist in the search. They flew the area and located the subject
several miles south of her last seen point. She was brought back to the IC and released to
her parents.
01/10/2022 @ 0600 – Stranded Hiker – Hop Valley – Man Hours – 52
SAR responded to a 26 year old female that sent a signal she was stranded in snow. The
GPS placed her in the Hop Valley area. SAR deployed in Snow Machines from the Hop
Valley Trail. The IC was set up in Kolob Canyons. Utah DPS deployed their hoist
helicopter to assist in the rescue. SAR arrived with the subject and kept her warm. The
DPS Helicopter hoisted her out and brought her to the IC. She was taken by Ambulance
to the Cedar City Hospital.

01/14/2022 @ 1630 – Lost Hiker – Red Mountain Trail – Man Hours – 28
SAR deployed on a lost 88 year old hiker on the Red Mountain Trail. Teams started to
search the area when it was found the male made it back to his residence in Dammeron
Valley. The search was called off.

01/15/2022 @ 1600 – Lost Hikers – West Mountain _ Man Hours – 34
SAR was dispatched to a report of lost hikers on West Mountain. They called in on a
disconnected phone. SAR sent in teams to the GPS Coordinates and were unable to
locate anyone. They searched the mountain. After several hours the search was called off
due to lack of information and no way to contact the caller.


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