SAR Incident Synopsis
for August 15th, 2022 through September 19th, 2022
Sheriff Brooksby,
Below is the SAR Report from August 15th, 2022 through September 19th, 2022
September 2022 Report
Total calls this report – 8
Total SAR Incidents 2022 – 89
Total Man Hours this report – 558
Rescued Subjects
In County Residence – 7
Out of County (Utah) Residence –
Out of Utah – 4
International –
08/19/2022 @ 1530, Flooding – Zion National Park – Man Hours – 32
SAR responded to Zion National Park on a Flash Flood. Reports were several people
were caught in the flood. SAR assisted the Zion SAR to account for everyone. Were were
release when we were notified they believe everyone was accounted for and out.

08/21/2022 @ 0530, Missing Person – Zion National Park – Man Hours – 332
SAR responded to assist Zion National Park on a missing 30 year old female related to the
flash flood from two day prior. SAR Teams worked for two day searching the Virgin
River from the Narrows to Virgin. We also had Drones and pilots working with Zion
SAR. The victim was located around 1530 hours on Monday. She was 6.2 miles down
river from the last known location. She did not survive the flood.

08/23/2022 @ 2100, Stranded Climbers – Kolob Terrace Road – Man Hours – 28
SAR responded to four stranded climbers off Kolob Terrance Road. One climbers ropes
tangled on a rappel and he was unable to descend. That stranded the other 3 climber a
couple of hundred feet up the cliff. SAR located the subjects and assisted the stuck
climber down. They rappelled the other climbers off without incident. No EMS was

08/27/2022 @ 0853, Mountain Bike Accident – South Hills Santa Clara – Man Hours – 52
SAR responded to a report of a male mountain biker with a traumatic injury south of
Santa Clara in the desert reserve area. SAR members arrived and made their way to the
patient. It was reported the patient went off of a cliff and was down the hill. Life flight
was requested and arrived. Life Flight was unable to land at the subject. It was reported
the patient had a possible broken neck previous injuries to his back. The DPS helicopter
was requested so the patient could be safely lifted to where the life flight helicopter was
located. SAR members helped with securing the patient for hoist. Once hoisted, SAR
members helped with getting the patient onto the life flight helicopter for transport to the

09/03/2022 @ 1947, ATV Accident – Toquerville Falls – Man Hours – 42
SAR responded to a ATV accident at Toquerville Falls. A female and 7 year old child
were on a ATV and were thrown. The 7 year old male was in critical condition. Life
Flight responded and flew the child to SGRH. The mother was brought out to a waiting
ambulance by SAR. The child did not survive his injuries.

09/12/2022 @ 1048, Mountain Bike Accident – Gem Trail – Man Hours – 24
SAR responded to a 56 year old male that crashed on the Gem Trail. The male failed to
negotiate the switchbacks and fell around 100 feet. SAR and Hurricane EMS located him
and began treatment. Life Flight was called to assist. The male was packaged up and
placed in the helicopter. He was flown to SGRH for further treatment. He was not
expected to survive.

09/13/2022 @ 2204, Stranded Hiker – Cedar Pockets, Az. – Man Hours – 36
SAR was requested by the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office to assist on a stranded 60 year
old male in Cedar Pockets. The male had gone across the Virgin River earlier in the day.
When he returned the river was flowing between 1500-2000 cubic feet. Another storm was
rolling in and he had no supplies or shelter. The SAR Swift Water Team set up a rescue
plan and made it across the river. They put the male into safety gear and brought him
back across. The subject was release to a Mohave County Deputy. No EMS was needed.

09/18/2022 @ 1119, Injured Hiker – Sand Hollow State Park – Man Hours – 12
SAR responded to a 32 year old male that fell near the jumping rocks at Sand Hollow
State Park. The male had an apparent broken leg/ankle. SAR and EMS stabilized his
injury. He was carried to a SAR Boat and take to the main boat ramp. He was turned
over to the ambulance and taken to SGRH for treatment.


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