SAR Incident Synopsis
for August 14th, 2023 through September 18th, 2023
Sheriff Brooksby,
Below is the SAR Report from August 14th, 2023 through September 18th, 2023
September 2023 Report
Total calls this report – 10
Total SAR calls 2023 – 116
Total Man Hours this report – 364
Rescued Subjects
In County Residence – 9
Out of County (Utah) Residence – 2
Out of Utah – 10
International – 0
08/21/2023 @ 1720, Injured Hiker, Red Mountain – Man Hours – 42
SAR responded to an injured 26 year old male that fell while hiking up the Red
Mountain. He stated his ankle was injured. SAR and Santa Clara EMS climbed up to
him and treated his injuries. SAR set up a guiding line to assist him down the mountain.
He was taken to SGRH for treatment.
08/24/2023 @ 1630, ATV Accident, Sand Mountain – Man Hours – 14
SAR responded to a 61 year old male that crashed on his ATV. The ATV landed on him.
EMS and SAR located the subject. Life Flight was called for assistance. He was
stabilized and carried to the helicopter. He was flown to SGRH.
08/30/2023 @ 1330, Lost Hiker, Red Mountain Trail, Dammeron Valley – Man Hours – 18
SAR responded to a lost 44 year old female on the Red Mountain trail. SAR hiked in and
located her. They gave her water and walked her back to the trail head. She was check
by SAR EMS and released.
09/02/2023 @ 1730, Stranded Hikers – Canaan Mountain – Man Hours – 56
SAR responded to the Squirrel Canyon Trail head on a report from a third
party for a group of 8 hikers and 6 dogs unable to come down the trail due to
flooding. Search and Rescue, DPS helicopter Star 7,and Colorado City Fire
responded to locate and assist the hikers. Star 7 was able to fly out all 8
hikers and 6 dogs to a nearby park before another storm came through. All
parties involved were rescued and there were no injuries.
09/02/2023 @ 1917, Stranded Motorist, Smith Mesa – Man Hours – 6
SAR responded to a stranded motorist on Smith Mesa. The subjects were struck in the
mud and high centered. Deputies were unable to get to them. SAR Deputies responded,
went in and got the two males out. No EMS was needed. They were released.
09/04/2023 @ 1205, Lost Hiker, Oak Grove Trail, Pine Valley – Man Hours – 72
SAR responded to a 53 year old male that got lost hiking up the Oak Grove trail. SAR
hiked in and spent several hours trying to get to the subject. He was located ledged up
and unable to get down. DPS Star 7 responded and hoisted the male back to Oak Grove.
He was checked by SAR EMS and released.
09/08/2023 @ 1610, Missing Person, St George – Man Hours – 30
SAR responded to a missing 20 year old male with special needs. SAR assisted St George
PD in searching for the subject. SGPD call off the search a few hours later. The male was
located later that night.
09/09/2023 @ 0946, Injured Hiker, Forsyth Trail, Pine Valley – Man Hours – 58
SAR and Pine Valley Fire responded to a 17 year old male that injured his ankle while
hiking. SAR hiked into the subject and stabilized the injury. While there a male in
another group became ill. SAR members hiked him out while DPS Star 7 hoisted the
injured 17 year old. Two other teens ran out of water, but were able to make it back to
SAR personnel. The injured 17 year old was taken to SGRH for further treatment.
09/13/2023 @ 1852, Injured Hiker, Three Falls Trail, Hurricane – Man Hours – 16
SAR responded to assist Hurricane Fire on a 31 year old male that injured his ankle while
hiking. Fire and SAR located him, stabilized his injury, and carried him back to the IC.
He was taken to SGRH for treatment.
09/13/2023 @ 2030, Stranded Hikers, Red Reef Trail, Red Cliff’s Rec. – Man Hours – 52
SAR responded to two stranded hikers up the Red Reef Trail. They were on a cliff and
had no lights or supplies. SAR located them utilizing a drone. Rescuers worked their
way to them, gave them water and light, and hiked them back to the IC. No EMS was


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