SAR Incident Synopsis
for October 16th, 2023 through December 18th, 2023
Sheriff Brooksby,
Below is the SAR Report from October 16th, 2023 through December 18th, 2023
November/December 2023 Report
Total calls this report – 14
Total SAR calls 2023 – 137
Total Man Hours this report – 346
Rescued Subjects
In County Residence – 9
Out of County (Utah) Residence – 2
Out of Utah – 5
International – 0
10/18/2023 @ 1134, Injured Biker, Bear-Claw Poppy Trail – Man Hours – 26
SAR, St. George Fire, and Gold Cross responded to a 41 year old injured mountain biker
on the Bear Claw Poppy Trail. The biker was brought back to the ambulance by SAR
members and taken to the hospital by Gold Cross.
10/30/2023 @ 1605, Fall – Motorist, I-15A MM18 – Man Hours – 18
Search and Rescue responded in The Gorge in Arizona to assist Arizona
DPS with a male who had reportedly fallen off a cliff on the side of the road.
Medical units on scene already had the male in the ambulance by the time SAR
units arrived. All SAR units were accounted for and cleared the scene.
11/03/2023 @ 1613, Missing Person, General Steam Rd – Man Hours – 30
SAR responded to General Steam Rd area to assist St George PD with locating a missing
endangered 77 year old female. Information had been received she was somewhere on a
dirt road between Gunlock Reservoir and Enterprise Reservoir. Due to the vast amount
of area, I requested UHP helicopter STAR 8 respond to assist with the search. Another
officer was able to get a hold of the missing individual on the phone and she explained
that she was fine. Deputies made contact with her as she was leaving the area and
confirmed that she was fine. All SAR units were accounted for and cleared.
11/05/2023 @ 1700, Lost Hiker – Vortex/Sand Cove – Man Hours – 28
SAR responded to a report of a lost 42 year old male near the Vortex
Trail. Incident Command was established near the males location. SAR units were
able to make visual contact with the male and quickly respond to his location.
The male was then returned to Incident Command where he declined medical
evaluation and was given a ride back to his vehicle. All SAR units were
accounted for and cleared the scene.
11/08/2023 @ 1053, Injured Hiker, Red Cliffs Recreation Area – Man Hours – 32
SAR and Hurricane Fire/EMS responded to a 32 year old male that fell while hiking. The
male stated he had possibly broken his leg and he was in a pools of water. SAR and EMS
hiked into the subject. They got him out of the water and splinted his leg. Star 8 was
called to assist with extraction due to hypothermia issues. Star 8 hoisted the male out and
flew him back to the IC. The subject was taken by Hurricane EMS to SGRH for
11/13/2023 @ 1215, Injured Hiker, Snow Canyon State Park – Man Hours – 38
SAR responded to the Tuacahn Split Trail on a report of a 53 year old female with an
injured ankle. IC was established at Tuacahn. Search and Rescue team members
responded to the patients location where she was stabilized. UHP Helicopter STAR 8
responded and assisted with hoisting the female back to IC where she was evaluated in an
ambulance and transported to the hospital. All SAR units were accounted for and cleared
the scene.
11/25/2023 @ 1527, Lost Hikers, Kolob Terrace Rd – Man Hours – 6
SAR Deputies responded with UTV’s to go up Kolob Terrace road to locate a male and
female stranded hiker. After checking the area, dispatch confirmed the parties made it
back to their vehicles and were off the mountain. Deputies cleared the call without
12/03/2023 @ 1749, Lost Hikers, Vortex/Sand Cove – Man Hrs. – 28
SAR responded to Vortex Trail on a report of two individuals, a 72 year old male and 72
year old female, who had become lost while hiking. IC was established
at the trail head. Search and Rescue units located the two lost subjects and
assisted them back to their vehicle. Both individuals declined medical evaluation.
12/04/2023 @ 1801, Lost UTV Rider, Sand Mountain – Man Hours – 6
SAR Deputies and State Rangers responded to Sand Mountain to locate an overdue party.
After getting the 74 year old male to call 911 to get his GPS coordinates, State Rangers
located the male on the sand dunes and escorted him out safely. The male drove home
afterwards. There were no injuries.
12/05/2023 @ 1320, Lost Hiker, Snow Canyon State Park – Man Hours – 5
SAR Deputies responded to a search and rescue call in snow canyon state park. SAR
Deputies arrived and met with the lost persons spouse. The 53 year old female was lost off
a trail. SAR Deputies hiked a short distance and located the missing person. She was
escorted back to the trail head. No EMS was needed.
12/09/2023 @ 0800, Lost Hiker, Red Cliff’s Recreation Area – Man Hours – 20
SAR responded to a 71 year old male lost overnight in the Red Cliff’s Recreation Area.
SAR members deployed and DPS Star 8 was contacted. DPS was able to
locate the male and fly him to a waiting ambulance at the Red Cliffs campground.
All SAR members were accounted for.
12/11/2023 @ 1752, Stranded/Lost Motorist, Warner Valley – Man Hours – 5
SAR Deputies responded to a stranded motorist in Warner Valley. A 66 year old male had
blown a tire and was stuck in a wash. The male was located. He appeared to be having
trouble breathing. He was loaded in a patrol vehicle and taken to the pavement where he
was evaluated by medical and transported to the hospital.
12/16/2023 @ 1630, Missing Juvenile, St George/Santa Clara – Man Hours – 60
SAR responded to St. George to assist St. George PD units with locating a missing
endangered juvenile. The 12 year old walked away from his home. SAR units assisted
with circulating the search area. The juvenile was located by civilians outside the search
grid. All SAR units were accounted for and cleared the scene.
12/18/2023 @ 0930, Lost Subjects, Southwest of Enterprise – Man Hours – 44
SAR responded to locate an 81 year old male and 79 year old female that were lost. They
stated their vehicle went off a road and they were stranded all night. They walked over
1.5 miles to get cell service. The couple said they do have medical issues and were unsure
where they were at. SAR deployed on multiple roadways and DPS Star 8 was called to
assist in locating the subjects. They were located by SAR and DPS. They were taken
back to the IC, check by EMS, and released


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