SAR Incident Synopsis
for June 19th, 2023 through July 17th, 2023
Sheriff Brooksby,
Below is the SAR Report from June 19th, 2023 through July 17th, 2023
July 2023 Report
Total calls this report – 14
Total SAR calls 2023 – 98
Total Man Hours this report – 336
Rescued Subjects
In County Residence – 7
Out of County (Utah) Residence – 4
Out of Utah – 9
International – 0
06/20/2023 @ 1321, Missing Juvenile, Virgin River, Hurricane – Man Hours – 4
SAR Deputies and DPS Star 8 responded on a missing 10 year old male. He was last seen
on the Virgin River and had been gone for several hours. Star 8 located him, picked him
up, and flew him back to the IC. No medical was needed.
06/22/2023 @ 1902, Over Due Cave Explorers, Bloomington Caves – Man Hours – 6
SAR Deputies responded to assist in locating a group of 25 subjects from a youth group.
They were from Las Vegas and unfamiliar with the caves. They went in at 0900 and were
not out by 1900. Deputies located them near the entrance of the cave. They had been lost
for several hours, but found their was back. No medical was needed.
06/28/2023 @ 1140, Ill Hiker, Snow Canyon State Park – Man Hours – 4
SAR responded to an ill hiker that was off trail up the west canyon. The 46 year old male
said he couldn’t find the trail. He was located just east of the west canyon road. He was
checked by EMS and released.
06/30/2023 @ 1609, Lost and Ill Hikers – Vortex, Lower Sand Cove – Man Hours – 46
SAR responded to 2 hikers in the Vortex. A 63 year old female called in and said her
husband was ill and lost. The 67 year old male had kept moving trying to find his way
out. SAR deployed in two teams. One went toward the female and one team went in to
find the male. Both subjects were located and brought back to the IC. They both denied
medical treatment.
07/02/2023 @ 1400, Missing Swimmer, Sand Hollow State Park – Man Hours – 12
SAR responded to a Utah State Park Rangers were searching the water and shore line
while SAR Deputies set up and IC to deploy SAR Members. The male was located in
good condition near the reeds in the south part of the lake. He was unaware people were
looking for him. SAR was cleared and canceled.
07/04/2023 @ 1855, Stranded Tubers, Virgin River near Virgin – Man Hours – 30
SAR responded to a report of 3 stranded people. A 61 year old male, 47 year old female,
and 13 year old male had been tubing down the Virgin River. SAR located them south of
Sheeps Bridge and north of the Diversion Dam. SAR assisted them up the hills, place
them into vehicles and drove them back to the IC. No medical was needed.
07/06/2023 @ 1232, Lost Hikers, Snow Canyon State Park – Man Hours – 12
SAR responded to a 62 year old female and 64 year old male that were hiking the Lava
Tubes trail. They got off trail and had been wandering around for almost 2 hours trying
to get out. The female said they were out of water and her hands were turning purple.
They were told to stay put, but they kept moving. They were located coming out the trail
and were met at their vehicle. They denied any medical care.
07/08/2023 @ 1615, Ill Hikers, Pine Valley Mountain – Man Hours – 62
SAR responded to a report of a 20 year old and 21 year old males who had been hiking
for over 9 hours. The 20 year old male became ill and was unable to hike. The 21 year
old got cell service and called for SAR. Two SAR teams deployed along with one fireman.
DPS Star 8 was called to assist and Life Flight was called. Star 8 located the hikers and
hoisted them out. They were checked by Enterprise EMS. The 20 year old was flown by
Life Flight to SGRH. The second male refused medical treatment.
07/08/2023 @ 1700, Stranded Hikers, Canaan Mountain – Man Hours – 8
SAR and deputies responded on 2 lost and stranded hikers on Canaan Mountain. They
were above the rappels to Water Canyon. DPS Star 8 responded after the Pine Valley
rescue. They located the subjects, picked them off the mountain and turned them over to
deputies. They were checked by EMS and released.
07/09/2023 @ 2154, Injured/Ledged Hiker – Snow Canyon State Park – Man Hours – 84
SAR responded to a 42 year old male that fell 8 feet, hit his head, and was ledged out 400
feet up. SAR teams deployed up the mesa and DPS Star 8 was ask to respond. SAR set
up a raise system and pulled him up 70 feet to the top of the mesa. He was loaded on the
DPS helicopter and flown back to the IC. He was checked by Santa Clara EMS and
07/11/2023 @ 2116, Lost Motorcyclist, Long Valley Area – Man Hours – 4
SAR and Deputies responded to the Long Valley area on a 19 year old male motorcycle
rider. He said his motorcycle broke down. He had been walking for a while and was lost.
The deputy located him 200 yards off the main gravel road. SAR was canceled. The
deputy took him back to his vehicle.
07/12/2023 @ 1400, Ill Hiker, Snow Canyon State Park – Man Hours – 26
SAR responded to a 64 year old male hiking near Johnson Canyon. The subject was ill
from the heat and unable to hike out. SAR and Santa Clara EMS located him. He was
placed in a wheeled Stokes and carried back to his vehicle. He was released to EMS foe
07/15/2023 @ 0354, Overdue Hiker, Canaan Mountain – Man Hours – 10
SAR and deputies responded to a 21 year old male that was overdue from a hike. His
parents found his vehicle at the Squirrel Canyon Trail. DPS Star 8 responded to assist.
SAR Deputies made contact with the parents to get a better ideas where their son was.
Star 8 located the subject on a ledge 6 miles north and west of Squirrel Canyon. Star 8
hoisted the subject off and flew him to Maxwell Park. He was released to his parents.
Hildale PD and EMS also assisted on the incident.
07/16/2023 @ 1351, Ill Hikers, Scout Trail, Snow Canyon – Man Hours – 28
Deputies and SAR responded to an ill 26 year old female hiker. She was located on Scout
Trail. She was treated by EMS and carried by SAR on a Wheeled Stokes. Her hiking
companion, a 25 year old male, became ill on the way back. SAR assisted him back to the
IC. Both subjects were checked by EMS and transported to SGRH.


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