SAR Incident Synopsis

for July 19th, through August 13th, 2021

Sheriff Pulsipher,

Below is the SAR Report from July 19th, 2021 through August 13th, 2021
August 2021 Report

Total calls this report – 19

Total Man Hours this report – 403

SAR Incidents 2021 – 111

Rescued Subjects

In County Residence – 10

Out of County Residence – 17

07/20/2021 @ 1330, Vehicle in Flooded Wash – Enterprise – Man Hours – 7
SAR and deputies responded to a pick up truck in a wash that was flooding. It was
unknown if anyone was inside and needed help. Enterprise Fire Dept arrived and scene
and found the vehicle was abandoned. SAR was canceled.

07/20/2021 @ 1646, Utah State Parks – Sunk Jet Ski – Quail – Man Hours – 30
SAR responded to assist Utah State Parks on a Jet Ski that sank and Quail Lake. The
SAR Dive Team spent several hours scanning and diving to recover the Jet Ski and
remove it from the lake. They were unable to locate it and called off the search.

07/20/2021 @ 1930, Lost Hikers – Squirrel Canyon – Man Hours – 24
SAR dispatched to help lost hikers above Squirrel Canyon. Requested assistance from
Life Flight as hikers complaining of dehydration. SAR staged at Maxwell Canyon with an
ATV group going around as back up to Life Flight. Life Flight located and transported
that subjects to IC at Maxwell Canyon. The subjects had no medical issues.

07/23/2021 @ 1130, Ill Hiker – Snow Canyon – Man Hours – 5
SAR was dispatched on a search and rescue in Snow Canyon State Park. A female had
heat exhaustion and was feeling dizzy. The female was picked up by medical personnel in
their Side-by-Side and checked out at the ambulance. The female refused transport to the
hospital, and no further action was taken.

07/24/2021 @ 1600, Lost Hikers – Pine Valley – Man Hours – 22
SAR responded to three over due hikers on the Forsyth Trail. Due to a thunderstorm, the
search was delayed for on hour. SAR went in and located the three hikers quickly. They
were brought back to the IC and released.

07/24/2021 @ 1700, UTV Accident – Sand Mountain – Man Hours – 13.5
SAR responded to a UTV accident on Sand Mountain. The two subjects were located and
treated by EMS. They were brought off the mountain and refused transport. SAR
cleared the scene.

07/25/2021 @ 1230, Lost Child – Hurricane – Man Hours – 21
SAR responded to assist Hurricane PD on a missing 4 year old male. SAR began
searching the neighborhood. Hurricane PD notified SAR the child had been located in
the residence deceased. SAR cleared the scene.

07/25/2021 @ 1730, Lost Hiker – Equestrian Trail – Pine Valley – Man Hours – 52.5
SAR responded to a lost hiker on Pine Valley Mountain. Two teams deployed in. They
hiked to the top of Forsyth Trail. They located the lost male and escorted him off the
mountain. No EMS was needed.

07/28/2021 @ 1245 – Lost Hiker – Sheep’s Bridge Area – Man Hours – 6
SAR responded to a lost hiker near Sheep’s Bridge Road. The hiker was out of water and
need assistance. The subject was located and given water. He was brought out in a UTV,
He refused EMS.

07/29/2021 @ 1230 – UTV Accident – Sand Mountain – Man Hours – 12
SAR responded to a UTV accident on Sand Mountain. The male was located and seen by
Hurricane EMS. The subject refused medical and was brought out by SAR on a UTV.

07/30/2021 @ 1030 – Stranded Motorist – Enterprise/Hebron – Man Hours – 6
SAR was dispatched to an 82 year old male that was stranded near Hebron. The male
had walked away from his vehicle to call for help. SAR responded and got him back to
his vehicle. They assisted him back to the pavement.

07/30/2021 @ 1230 – Injured Hiker – Three Falls Trail/Hurricane – Man Hours – 4
SAR responded to a male hiker that said a rock had fallen on his leg and pinned him
down. Hurricane PD, Fire, EMS, and SAR got to the trail head. A Hurricane PD Officer
hiked in and found the male was not in need of help. The male was put in the ambulance
with a Hurricane PD Officer. SAR cleared the scene.

08/02/2021 @ 1515 – Stranded Motorist – Babylon – Man Hours – 4
SAR responded to a stranded motorist in the Sand Cove area of Babylon. The motorist
had tried for over two hours to get a wrecker. He had also run out of water. SAR located
him, assisted him in getting his vehicle free and escorted him out.

08/06/2021 @ 0030 – Lost UTV Riders – Long Valley Area – Man Hours – 20
SAR responded to lost UTV Riders near the Long Valley area. The subjects told dispatch
they had wrecked the UTV and been hiking for and hour. They didn’t know where they
were at or how to get out. SAR teams went in and located then on the back side of Sand
Mountain. They were brought out and released to their relatives.

08/08/2021 @ 1730 – Ill Hiker – Kolob Canyon – Man Hours – 39
SAR responded to a report of a sick female approx. 6 miles up the Kolob Arch Trail. SAR
located her on the trail on their way in. She told them of another female, that was not
with her party, further up the trail. The hiker said she was in need of help also. SAR
continued in to look for the other female while a team escorted the first victim back to the
trail head. The second subject was located 5 miles in and brought back to the trail head.
She was checked by medical for dehydration and released.
08/10/2021 @ 0815 – Injured Hiker – Zen Trail – Man Hours – 75
SAR responded to a 57 year old female that fell 100’ off the cliff on the Zen Trail. A by
stander was able to get down and found the female was deceased. SAR and ST George
Fire worked for several hours and set up a lower to access the victim. Her body was
recovered and turned over to the ME.
08/11/2021 @ 1830 – Lost Hikers – Gooseberry Mesa – Man Hours – 16
SAR responded to located two lost hikers on Gooseberry Mesa. They found them at the
west end of the mesa. They were given water and brought back to the trail head. They
refused EMS.
08/11/2021 @ 2230 – Lost Hiker – Oak Grove – Man Hours – 24
SAR responded to a lost hiker near Oak Grove. Teams were sent out and a Drone was
deployed to assist in located the male. He was found and hiked back to the IC. He was
ask if he needed medical and released.

08/13/2021 @ 0830 – UTV Accident – Sand Mountain – Man Hours – 22
SAR, Utah State Parks and Hurricane EMS responded to a UTV accident on Sand
Mountain. A male had a severe injury to his arm. SAR took EMS in and located the
subject. He was treated and brought off the mountain. He was taken by ambulance to


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