Sheriff Pulsipher,
Below is the SAR Report from October 19th, 2021 through November 15th, 2021
November 2021 Report
Total calls this report – 7
Total Man Hours this report – 189
SAR Incidents 2021 – 141
Rescued Subjects (Triathlon Rescues not included)
In County Residence – 6
Out of County (Utah) Residence –
Out of Utah – 3
International – 0
10/23/2021 @ 0700 – Water Safety – Quail Triathlon – Man Hours – 36
SAR provided Water Support/Safety for the Quail Creek Triathlon. SAR provided Boats,
Rescue Craft, Divers, and Kayakers. 9 participants were rescued. One male was taken by
EMS for hypothermia.

10/29-31/2021 @0700 – Water Safety – Intermountain Tri – Quail Lake – Man Hours – 78
SAR provided Water Safety/Support for the Intermountain 3 day Triathlon at Quail
Lake. Multiple participants were rescued from the water and SAR assisted on several
bike accidents. Hurricane EMS transported any severely injured subjects.

10/28/2021 @ 1320, Stranded Vehicle – Bull Valley – Man Hours – 3
I responded to the Ox Valley area south of Enterprise on a citizen
assist on a ledged vehicle. Deputies and Enterprise Fire helped get the vehicle
unledged and backed safely out. The family was followed back to Enterprise to
make sure they made it out ok.

11/01/2021 @ 1730, Fall – Hurricane – Man Hours – 32
SAR responded to a report of a 26 year old male that fell in the Hurricane Cliffs area.
Search and Rescue teams used ropes and brought the male safely back up. The
male was transported by medical.

11/10/2021 @ 1800, Lost Hikers – Desert Reserve North of Washington – Man Hours – 6
Deputies and Washington PD responded to a report of a search & rescue in the Desert
Reserve Area in Washington, Utah. There were two hikers lost off the trail. The trails
were checked and the hikers located. The hikers were returned back to their vehicle with
no issues.

11/13/2021 @ 1800, UTV Accident – Sand Mountain – Man Hours – 8
SAR and Deputies responded to a UTV accident on Sand Mountain. The female subject
rolled her UTV and had possibly injured her back. She was brought off the mountain
and turned over to Hurricane EMS. She was taken to SGRH for treatment.

11/15/2021 @ 1500, Lost Hikers – Yant Flat – Man Hours – 26
SAR was dispatched to two lost hikers on Yant Flat. The subjects were off trail and had
no supplies. SAR arrived and searched the trail. They located the couple and walked
them back to their vehicle. They were released. No EMS was needed.


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