SAR Incident Synopsis
for May 17th, 2021 through June 14th, 2021
Sheriff Pulsipher,
Below is the SAR Report from May 17th, 2021 through June 14th, 2021
June 2021 Report
Total calls this report – 18

Total Man Hours this report – 455.5
SAR Incidents 2021 – 77
Rescued Subjects
In County Residence – 7
Out of County Residence – 19
05/18/2021 @ 2015, UTV Crash – Sand Mountain – Man Hours – 16
SAR responded to a UTV roll over near the Flintstone house on Sand Mountain. One
subject had a severe hand injury. The subjects were difficult to locate as they kept
moving. They were finally located and the injured male in his 20’s was taken down to the
waiting ambulance. He was transported to SGRH for treatment.
05/21/2021 @ 2000, Missing Person – Gunlock Reservoir – Man Hours – 38
Deputies and SAR responded to a missing male at Gunlock Reservoir. The missing
person’s mother found his foot ware on the Spillway. The 38 year old male has mental
issues and it was determined that a search was warranted. SAR searched multiple
locations in the area. After several hours the search was suspended. The male was
located the following morning west of the reservoir.
05/22/2021 @ 0600, Water Safety – Sand Hollow Triathlon – Man Hours – 56
SAR provided Water Safety for the Sand Hollow Triathlon. Over 800 people went into
the water. 13 of them were rescued by SAR and taken to the main dock. They were
turned over to Hurricane EMS for assessment.
5/23/2021 @ 1220 – UTV Accident – Sand Mountain – Man Hours – 17
SAR responded to a male in his 20’s crashed on a UTV. He had possible head injuries.
He was treated by SAR and Hurricane EMS. SAR brought him back to the waiting
ambulance. He refused transport and was released.
05/25/2021 @ 1450 – Ill Hiker – Anasazi Trail – Man Hours – 7
SAR responded to an unconscious female on the Anasazi Trail. The subject was located,
placed on Ivins UTV and taken to the ambulance. She was transported to SGRH.
05/27/2021 @ 0930 – Lost Hiker – Oak Grove – Man Hours – 18
SAR was dispatched to a lost hiker in Oak Grove. The 40 year old male was able to give a
GPS Coordinate, but was in very thick vegetation on the other side of a ravine. Life
Flight was called to assist. They located the hiker and guided him back to the trail where
SAR and deputies guided him back to the IC. He refused medical care and was released.
05/29/2021 @ 2130 – Lost Hikers – Red Mountain – Man Hours – 80
SAR responded to three lost hikers on the Red Mountain. The subjects said they were out
of water and dehydrated. SAR sent several teams in from different directions. Life Flight
was called to assist. Life Flight attempted to fly a SAR Team in, but was unable to land
due to high winds. Two other SAR teams hiked to the subjects, gave them supplies and
hiked the back to the IC. They were checked by medical and released.
05/30/2021 @ 2030 – UTV Accident – Sand Mountain – Man Hours – 12
SAR, Hurricane EMS, and Life Flight responded to a ATV accident/rollover on Sand
Mountain. The 38 year old male had critical injuries. SAR was advised CPR was in
progress. The subject didn’t survive the injuries. Utah State Parks took the accident
investigation. SAR cleared the incident.
05/31/2021 @ 1500 – Lost Hikers – Scout Cave Trail – Man Hours – 18
SAR responded to lost hikers on the Scout Trail. The male and female from New York
had gotten off trail. The subjects said they were out of water and not feeling well. SAR
located them, gave them water, and drover them out on ATV’s. They were checked by
EMS and released.
06/01/2021 @ 1015 – Ill Hiker – Vortex – Man Hours – 15
SAR responded to a 60 year old male having chest pain in the Vortex. EMS and SAR
hiked in to the subject. Life Flight was called to respond. The male was flown to SGRH
for treatment.
06/01/2021 @ 1500 – Ill Hiker – Snow Canyon – Man Hours – 7.5
SAR responded to a dehydrated 21 year old female on the Lava Tubes Trail. EMS and
SAR hiked in, located her and brought her back to the IC. She was transported to SGRH
for treatment.
06/04/2021 @ 2050 – Lost ATV Rider – Warner Valley – Man Hours – 8
SAR and Deputies responded to a lost male in Warner Valley. The subject had been
riding an ATV, got it stuck, and then started hiking trying to get help. The male became
lost and called for help. He was located approx. 2 miles from his vehicle by deputies. He
was brought out and released.
06/05/2021 @ 1915 –Injured Hiker – Das Boot, Zion – Man Hours – 92
SAR was dispatched to a male with a broken ankle/leg in Das Boot Canyon. The UHP
Helicopter was called for assistance. SAR members hiked in to the subject. Zion
National Park had called for the US Air Force Rescue for another incident in the park.
The Air Force Rescue diverted to our rescue and hoisted the injured man out. He was
taken to SGRH for treatment.
06/06/2021 @ 1215 – UTV Accident – Sand Mountain – Man Hours – 15
SAR, State Parks, and Hurricane EMS responded to a UTV accident on Sand Mountain.
The 57 year old male was treated by EMS and SAR. Life Flight was also called to
respond. The subject was brought out by off road vehicle. He was taken by ambulance to
06/11/2021 @ 1315 – Stranded UTV Rider – Sand Mountain – Man Hours – 8
SAR responded to a 72 year old male that was stranded on Sand Mountain. The subject
had walked away from his disable machine and ask for help. SAR located the male. He
was disoriented and showed signs of dehydration. EMS checked him at the IC. The male
has previous medical issues. He was released to his spouse. His vehicle was towed by an
off road wrecker.
06/12/2021 @ 1300 – Lost/Ill Hikers – Snow Canyon State Park – Man Hours – 32
SAR responded to six lost hikers that were dehydrated. SAR located them in a canyon
near Three Ponds. They were given water and brought back to the IC. They declined
medical treatment and were taken back to their vehicle.
06/13/2021 @ 1515 – Lost Hikers – Red Cliffs Recreation Area – Man Hours – 27
SAR was dispatched to two lost hikers west of the Red Cliff’s Recreation Area. Two SAR
teams hiked in to locate them. SAR found them in the Scramble Trail area. They were
given water and hiked back to the IC. No medical was needed.
06/14/2021 @ 0730 – Injured Mountain Biker – Stucki Springs Man Hours – 7
SAR and Ivins EMS responded to a 15 year old female that crashed on a mountain bike.
She had possible pelvic and back injuries. She was located and treated by SAR and EMS.
Life Flight was called to assist. She was placed in the helicopter and flown to SGRH for


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