Sheriff Brooksby,
Below is the SAR Report from June 20th, 2022 through July 18th, 2022
July 2022 Report
Total calls this report – 10
Total SAR Incidents 2022 – 73
Total Man Hours this report – 381
Rescued Subjects
In County Residence – 5
Out of County (Utah) Residence – 2
Out of Utah – 4
International – 1
06/21/2022 @ 1626, Ill Hikers – Pine Valley, Browns Trail – Man Hours – 22
SAR responded to 2 ill hikers on Browns Trail. The hikers stated they were dehydrated
and unable to hike back. SAR deployed and located the hikers near the trail head. They
were taken back to the IC and checked by Medical. They denied transport and were
06/22/2022 @ 2000, Stranded Hikers – Red Mountain – Man Hours – 128
SAR responded to two stranded hikers on the Red Mountain. A 57 year old male and 67
year old female got off trail and came down the cliff on the south side of the mountain.
They had a boulder break loose which caused minor injuries. They became ledged out
and were unable to go back up or get down. SAR hiked up on top of the mountain and
rappelled 400’ down to the hikers. They treated them and gave them fluids. The Utah
DPS Helicopter arrived and hoisted both subjects off one at a time. They were checked
by Ivins EMS and released.
06/24/2022 @ 1514, Ill Mountain Biker – Bear-Claw Poppy – Man Hours – 16
SAR responded to a 22 year old female Mountain Biking. The female stated she was
feeling sick and needed help. SAR located her and brought her back to the IC. She was
turned over to EMS for evaluation and treatment.
06/26/2022 @ 0700, Lost Hiker – Kolob Canyons, New Harmony – Man Hours – 40
SAR responded to a lost hiker near Kolob Canyons. The hiker stated he had been hiking
all night. He had a camp, but can’t find it. He was out of food and water. He said he
could hear other people, but he doesn’t know them or where they are at. SAR deployed
and hiked in toward the GPS Coordinates. They located the subject and hiked him back
to the Incident Command. The subject was checked by EMS. The subject dropped a pipe
on the ground in front of deputies. The male was arrested for possession of a controlled
substance. He was taken to the county jail and booked without incident.
06/27/2022 @ 1100, Stranded Motorist – General Steam – Man Hours – 18
SAR responded to assist an elderly couple stranded on General Steam Road. The
subjects got stuck in a hole and had to hike almost a mile to get cell service. SAR located
them and got their vehicle out. They escorted them to Enterprise Reservoir and turned
them over to the deputy. No EMS was needed.
07/01/2022 @ 1100, Injured Hiker – Toquerville Falls – Man Hours – 45
SAR responded to a 70 year old female that fell and broke her right ankle and left knee.
SAR and EMS located her and stabilized her injuries. They attempted to get her out in a
UTV, but she was in too much pain. Utah DPS helicopter responded and flew her out to
the IC. She was taken by Hurricane Valley EMS to SGRH for treatment.
07/02/2022 @ 1530, Ill Hiker – Babylon Arch – Man Hours – 16
SAR was dispatch to an ill hiker on the Babylon Arch Trail. The male stated he was out
of water, weak, and unable to hike back. SAR teams located him about a mile in. They
gave him fluids and assisted him back to the trail head. He was checked by EMS and
07/09/2022 @ 1800, Missing Person – Sand Mtn/Warner Valley – Man Hours – 54
SAR responded to a missing 35 year old male on the East side of Sand Mountain. The
subject’s ATV quit and other people in his group left to get help. When they returned,
both him and the ATV were missing. He had not returned to their camp so they called for
help. SAR began a search on Sand Mountain and Warner Valley. Utah DPS Helicopter
responded and assisted in the search. Several hours later, a Utah State Parks Ranger
located the male laying on the south beach. He was checked by EMS and released.
07/10/2022 @ 1450, Ill Hiker – Browns Trail/Pine Valley – Man Hours – 30
SAR responded to an ill male in his 50’s on the Browns Trail. The subject was
dehydrated and too weak to hike out the last mile. SAR hiked in and located the male.
He was given fluids and slowly hiked back to the IC. Enterprise EMS checked him and
he was released.
07/18/2022 @ 0930, Ill Hiker – Scout Trail/Snow Canyon – Man Hours – 12
SAR responded to an ill hiker on the Scout Trail. The 51 year old female was showing
signs of dehydration. She was located approx. 1/3 a mile up the trail. She was assisted
back to the IC and checked by Santa Clara/Ivins EMS. She denied transport and was


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