Sheriff Pulsipher,
Below is the SAR Report from August 13th
, 2021 through September 20th
, 2021
September 2021 Report
Total calls this report – 15
Total Man Hours this report – 331
SAR Incidents 2021 – 126
Rescued Subjects
In County Residence – 6
Out of County (Utah) Residence – 2
Out of Utah – 9
International – 1

08/20/2021 @ 0740, Mountain Bike Accident – Bear-Claw Poppy – Man Hours – 12
SAR responded to a 20 year old male that crashed on a mountain bike. He was in serious
condition. SAR went in with EMS. Life Flight was called and they located the subject.
He was put on the helicopter and flown to SGRH for treatment. SAR got his bike out.

08/20/2021 @ 1445, UTV Accident – Sand Mountain – Man Hours – 42
SAR responded to a UTV accident on Sand Mountain. Two males in their 30’s went off a
Sand Dune. Both males had suspected back fractures. Mercy Air responded and flew one
subject, Life Flight responded and flew the second male. Both were taken to SGRH for

08/22/2021 @ 1100, Lost Hiker – SW Enterprise Reservoir – Man Hours – 52
SAR responded to a lost hikers southwest of Enterprise Reservoir. The male stated he had
been hiking since 6 AM and couldn’t find his way back to camp. He was out of water and
his cell was almost dead. SAR hiked in in two teams. They located the subject and hiked
him back to his camp. He was released to his family. No EMS was needed

08/22/2021 @ 1130, UTV Accident – Sand Mountain – Man Hours – 12
SAR responded to a UTV accident on Sand Mountain. The male subject rolled his UTV
and had injured his arm. He was treated on scene and released to his father.

08/23/2021 @ 0740, Injured Hiker – Turtle Wall – Man Hours – 28
SAR called to assist Fire and EMS with female who broke her ankle while hiking on the
Turtle Wall trail, near the Gap Trail head. SAR provided man power and medical
assistance to fire and EMS who transported the patient.

08/27/2021 @ 1100, Injured Mtn Biker – Stucki Springs – Man Hours – 12
SAR was dispatched to an injured 19 year old female on the Stucki Springs Trail. The
female had wrecked and cut her leg open. SAR, EMS, and Mercy Air arrived on scene.
The female refused EMS transport. SAR brought her out and released her to family.

09/04/2021 @ , Unknown/Possible Injury – Pine Valley – Man Hours – 4
SAR and Deputies responded to an emergency signal on the Equestrian Trail. The
reporting person said she received the signal from her friend. The signal hasn’t moved in
45 minutes and her friend is riding a horse on that trail. One deputy and two SAR
members arrived at the trailhead and found the subject had made it back. She was OK
and not injured. The incident was closed.

09/05/2021 @ 0800, Fall – Zen Trail – Man Hours – 20
SAR responded to a 73 year old male that was sick and possibly having a heart attack.
EMS and SAR located the subject and checked him. He refused further medical
treatment. He was released to family.

09/05/2021 @ 1900, Lost Hiker – Yant Flat – Man Hours – 10
SAR responded to lost hiker on Yant Flat. The male said he had been walking around for
hours and couldn’t find the trail. SAR arrived and the trail head and found him walking
out. No EMS was needed.

09/06/2021 @ 0915, Ledged Hikers – Water Canyon – Man Hours – 32
SAR responded to hikers that were stuck on a ledge in Water Canyon. SAR located them
and set up a rappel. They lowered the male and female off the cliff and walked them back
to the trail head. No EMS was needed. They were released.

09/06/2021 @ 1000 – Stranded Hiker – Red Cliff’s Recreation Area – Man Hours – 42
SAR responded to female hiker that was ledged up. SAR found another way to her and
escorted her off the cliffs. She was hiked out and released to her brother.

09/11/2021 @ 1000 – Fall – Cougar Cliffs – Man Hours – 24
SAR responded to a male in his 50’s that fell while rappelling. The subject hit his head
and back. SGFD, Gold Cross, and SAR went in. They treated him and brought him out
on a medical UTV. He was checked by Gold Cross and released to his wife.

09/12/2021 @ 1630 – Injured Hiker – Snow Canyon – Man Hours – 8
SAR was dispatched to a female in her 50’s that fell and injured her leg. Ivins EMS and
SAR got her stable and transported her back to the trail head. She was taken by
ambulance to SGRH.

09/14/2021 @ 1600 – Lost Hikers – Butterfly Trail, Snow Canyon – Man Hours – 28
SAR responded to an elderly couple that was lost on the Butterfly Trail. They had been
hiking since noon and were overheated. They couldn’t find the trail to get out. SAR
deployed and located them. The female had a previous lung issue and was having a hard
time hiking. SAR got them to the trail head. SAR EMS assessed her and gave her fluids.
She was released to her husband.

09/19/2021 @ 1000 – UTV Accident – Mount Trumbull Rd, Arizona – Man Hours – 5
SAR responded to a UTV accident on Mount Trumbull Road. A Male had injured his
hand, arm, and head. He was still in the vehicle and needed help getting out. SAR and a
Deputy arrive as EMS was putting the subject into and ambulance. The deputy held the
scene until Mohave County SO arrived


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