Mission : Search and Rescue is the search for, and provision of aid to, people who are in distress or imminent danger. Ground team members will be trained in the various ground SAR techniques and should be skilled in land navigation, proper and safe driving, man tracking, lost subject behavior, clue location & preservation, CPR/First Aid, and communications protocols. Conduct searches in both rural and urban environments by foot, on ATV or by 4×4 vehicle as required. Be prepared to deployed in very difficult locations and all weather environments. Be involved in many roles in a SAR incident including litter bearer, radio relay, re-supply, navigation assistant, etc. Provide support as needed to our specialty teams.

Equipment Needs: Radio, GPS, Ground Pack (load bearing of sufficient size to fit all equipment), Survival/First Aid equipment, Self-Rescue, Light Sources, Clothing & Personal Protective Equipment, Shelter, Food & Hydration and additional mission specific supplies as needed. Search vehicles including Jeep/4wd vehicles and ATV’s are not required but highly recommended.